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New original music

Welcome and thank you for checking out this site.

If you are looking for a new original music - here is the right place to be. Please enjoy the collection of light and positive tunes that takes you to a place inside. All listed instrumental compositions are free for listening online and for download in good quality mp3 files. Different genres of music for inspiration, imagination, creativity and originality. For a quick introduction to music of check this Top 3 of the best rating compositions:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Blue Breeze
  3. Half Moon Bay

All these little pieces were originally composed and performed by me, Maxim Novak, but you can find here also the remixes on my own tunes, the covers of a famous compositions and even the original mp3 ringtones for mobile devices. Now, after this brief overview click on the button bellow to begin the journey:

And stay amber-tuned, more will be soon...

My music

I appreciate your attention to this site and to my music. I used to create this music for years for myself as a hobby but in summer 2011 I built because the composer cannot live without the real audience. I was lucky enough to grow up and live in several very different countries and cultures and of course it has an impact on me and on my music. Hot breath of desert's sands and cool winds of northern sea, jazz and classical music - all this together forms a truly original fusion. Yet my favorite genres are funk, ethnic jazz and pseudo-classic. Originally composed melodies meet with the various jazz-flavored solos to create something special, something that will appeal to many people. was created because I looked for the way to share some of my original ideas and I invite you to listen online or to download for free high quality mp3 files. It is legal, safe and virus-free.

And I am eager to hear your comments about my music.


Mobile ringtones. offers for free original collection of MP3 ringtones divided by categories and available for free download in one archive. This is not some regular "Factory Package" ringtones, but really different and very remarkable ones.

Covers and tributes. This section of presents mix of music styles, eras and composers that I love most. Endless world of jazz or different kinds of ethnic tunes for me are the windows into cultures, times and people.

Mobile ringtones. Offered collection provides ringtone styles cater to all tastes, ages and moods in one place. Short-time formatted mp3 files compatible for all mobile devices.

Remixes and covers. Different genres and ages music with well-known jazz bombs, music from the moovies, ethnic motives and more. Modern remixes on my old-school tunes.